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About us

The Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua came to an agreement through its Undergraduate Growth Plan to promote the contribution and Student Exchange and the boost for internationalization of the University’s functions.

Every experience of higher education at the International level multiplies the perspectives for personal and professional development, since it allows the development of highly valued skills in global reach companies, such as the ability of problem solving and decision making as well as the ease of communication, adaptation and knowledge of foreign languages.

Through the Office of International Services the required links are established to participate in Collaborative Networks and Academic Mobility with both Institutions and Research Centers (national and foreign) and Aliens, in order to:

· Encourage the exchange of professors and students.

· Promote joint research projects.

· Generate links and participate in national and international programs.

· Create projects in order to achieve new agreements and alliances.

Today the UACh has been active in Networking Partnership and Academic Mobility with Institutions and National Research Centers both national and foreign; managing to consolidate agreements with 175 National Universities and more than 26 countries such as ; Chile, Canada, Spain , Brazil, among others.

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